Monday, 27 August 2012

Fleurieu Flora

I spend too much time thinking about all the wonderful subjects I love to paint and wish I could just get on with it but often my mind is so full of ideas I have to let them wonder around in my head until one inspiration overtakes and jumps out begging to be painted right now! 
Last week I  chose two subjects that reflect the wonderful scenery and life here on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Our gulf waters have lots of plant life and some of it is pretty enough to inspire a floral painter like me and I painted the brightly coloured sea fans found in the ocean. 
My second floral this past week has been jumping around in my head for some time.When I drive to Off the Slate Gallery in Willunga a couple of times a month and go down the really steep Willunga hill, there is a valley that has a creek surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of arum lily and I just adore the shape of these blooms. I hope you enjoy both these paintings and now I have shared them I must get back to my brushes for the next idea to jump out!

Life in the Gulf

Lily of Willunga Valley

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