Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Energising Power

If you judge my painting output by my blog posts you may think I am not doing much but I would prefer to blog about once a week so that I am not tied to my computer when I could have a brush in my hand. I choose a painting to post that has kept me inspired or used a different technique and one that I am happy with the finished piece.
I have been experimenting recently painting subjects that I don't meet in my daily life using  reference photos. This I call painting a subject whereas I call creating a painting when I use my entire imagination to make up a composition, choose colours - often not associated with the subject and paint a pleasing work.
My biggest thrill comes from the total creation of a piece but both ways of working require brush stroke skills but one requires good observation and the other a good imagination. It is nice to have this variety to call upon so when I am using the reference method I am almost guaranteed a reasonable outcome as long as I observe well whereas I can be quite zapped when I use the creating method with a lot of hit and miss results.
I hope as I journey on my love of creation will always be stronger than painting a subject but it is necessary to get pleasing results amongst the misses so that you are jumping to get into the studio each morning.
This painting from reference courtesy of Gary Jones wildlife photographer gave me energised power this week
Painting Size 16"x12"


  1. Fabulous painting Lorraine. I quite agree we need to alter our styles and methods sometimes. Giving us the confidence and freshness to move forward.

    1. Thanks Laura, one day I hope to be able to have my own style apply to all my work but for now happy to push on

  2. It's mesmerizing, Lorraine. I am completely taken in by the beast!

  3. me too Terry, thanks for taking the time to comment, he might be powerful but the more I look at him he is looking friendly to me

  4. Eeek, this is so scary! Very lifelike. Well painted Lorraine.

  5. Thanks Polly, yes not a cat to meet in the garden!

  6. Beautiful Lorraine:) He has a "strong" face, a real tiger face. A very good job!


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