Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Day 5,6 and 7

Just managing to keep up as I have had so many visitors and little interruptions these past few days. I normally have a lot of solitary time in my studio and would welcome engagement with others but right now I think how am I going to keep up?
There is an open studio week coming up from January 18th so I need to be on top of things. I am hoping to get some experimenting done and the excitement of this is on my mind when I go to sleep at night and when I awake but by the time I get going in the studio life gets in the way. Today no exception, so thank goodness for my little "delicious foodies" for days 5 and 7

Soft and Warm
Painting size 38cm x 57cm
Alpacas are close by to me at a farm in Mt Compass, this was my Day 6 painting

Quick Peach Tarts with Peppercorn Ice cream
Day 7

Prawn Cocktail Crostini
Day 5


  1. You did a wonderful job of painting those alpacas.

  2. Wow, Lorraine! You're doing it, and so well. The alpacas look like they would take awhile to paint! Love your food series.

  3. Great paintings. Making my mouth water, love the alpacas too. Nothing wrong with not doing one every day!!

  4. Keep it up - you're doing a great job, Lorraine.

  5. I'm enjoying your food and other treats!!!

  6. All great but admit I am partial to the foodie ones!!

  7. Not easy to just paint, life does come in the way ! Love your alpacas and crostini, I think you are doing so well !

  8. Thanks dear friends for keeping up with all this extra blogging

  9. Hi Lorraine:) I'm so happy I took the effort to look on this page. Alpaca's are one of my most favorite animals. So sweet!! I love the painting. Well done!xx


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