Friday, 13 June 2014

Time for a breather

Well if I don't want to hit the brick wall again I need to take a breather. This week I have added two more works to my Wine and Song Series. I am building this collection for a Winery exhibition at the end of the year - I will need about 12 in total so still have plenty of time (and ideas) to add to the collection.
This week Wine and Song 1 and 2 have been sold  but the collector could make them available for my exhibition if I am short. At my current rate though I will have plenty to choose from and am not worried about holding any back from being available for purchase now.

Researching and coming up with appropriate collage for these mixed media works takes more time than actually doing the painting but I am thoroughly enjoying the whole process and spending time collating and printing collage gives me time out from having a brush glued to my hand.

Ten Green Bottles was painted on 300gsm paper. I then adhered this to a cradled wood panel and finished with several layers of varnish.
Wine and Song VII - Ten Green Bottles
Mixed Media Varnished on Cradled Panel
30cm x 50cm

Drink to Me Only I persevered with the Fredrix Watercolour Canvas as I had another purchased. This time however I added a layer of Watercolour ground before I started as I wanted to try and avoid the unwanted pigment lifting that I experienced last time. This was better but again it did not feel as good as paper to paint on. It does however look fantastic on the Canvas and now it has had 24 hours to dry I can begin the varnish process which takes me two days to complete.

An exciting purchase today was buying my very own cordless drill. I have received my instructions by hubby on how to use it and how to avoid drilling through my painting (horror at the thought). I am now ready to be self sufficient in wiring up my canvas and panels instead of waiting for help. Have decided however to do the drill holes on the blank surfaces before I actually do the painting just in case I mess up after all the creativity!
Tomorrow we celebrate my granddaughters second birthday, so hard to believe how this past year has flown. Enjoy your weekend everyone


  1. Lorraine! Your Wine and Song series is amazing. I am so impressed with what you are creating here, and it seems that the sky is the limit. Best of luck with your upcoming exhibit - you will knock it out of the park, I am sure.

    Hard to believe your granddaughter is two already!

  2. You've got some real beauties for the exhibition Lorraine - good luck with it!

  3. Lorraine - both of these are so lovely. I know they will be wonderful for your upcoming exhibit. Enjoy your granddaughter's birthday. Have a great week-end.

  4. Dear Lorraine, congratulations on your beautiful series of paintings!
    I enjoy reading your experience, when you write about painting as when you write of your life. Best wishes for your granddaughter ... Also it seems to me that my granddaughters grow up too fast.
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Two great works, love them both , but the second one wins :-) Congratulations to your grand daughter, time just flies, doesn't it ?

  6. Thanks girls for your comments, getting feedback is just so valuable and something as artists we need

  7. Congratulation on your sales and success with this series, Lorraine! I enjoy seeing it evolve with such creative variations each time.
    Happy Birthday to your granddaughter! They grow up so fast, enjoy!

  8. Another stunning piece for your series Lorraine! You really make these mixed media pieces fun and interesting. Hope the birthday party was fun!

  9. You really don't lack imagination Lorraine. These paintings are incredible...I specially love the top one. Take a break and enjoy life! :)

  10. Oh I love both of them!!! You have such a great imagination to do such unique pieces.


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