Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Jean Haines Workshop

Firstly apologies as this blog post will be a bit longer than usual as I have so much to share from the past week.
A week ago I had a wonderful two day workshop with English watercolourist Jean Haines. It was hosted by the Adelaide Art Society in their historic North Adelaide premises formerly a grain store.
Firstly it was a workshop like no other that I have ever attended. Jean did not do step by step demos which was very refreshing as I don't find it inspiring to have a room full of artists all painting the same thing bit by bit.
Jeans approach was purely to show her way of painting, demonstrate how she starts warming up by doing 3 little washes to use as backgrounds for a subject later or to try out colour combinations and of course to inspire us with her infectious passion for the medium. Jean showed how she painted Roses, Eyes, a Koala, an Emu, a Cat, she touched on landscapes too. For those of you not familiar with her style she "NEVER" draws with a pencil. In fact she did not have one on her table at all . She paints directly onto the paper shaping her subject bit by bit with water and pigment, keeping it very loose and only adding a few tiny details at the end.
After she had painted we were left to our own inspiration to paint whatever we chose from our own reference images and she took the time to walk around and speak to artists individually as they painted and give any help required.
I did not seek any assistance as I was very relaxed and painted with absolute fun and freedom. I enjoyed using "rough" paper again as I have been working on Cold Press for more than 12 months.
For me she was very kind in liking what I was painting and I was thrilled when she chose to include my work every time to show the group at the end of each session. I always know at workshops I will come away with new knowledge that will help me along my journey and Jean did say that Indigo (which is my current favourite colour) dries dull so she adds a touch of ultra marine blue and now I am back home in my studio I will have a closer look at this.
Jeans demo of Roses, one on a warm up wash 

Jeans demos and reference story board

Jean helping artists individually
That lovely clean piece of paper is where I am positioned, right in the front row.

Jean Haines Day 2 at the Adelaide Art Society

My exercises over the 2 days
Eyes, loose bee, a duck on a warm up wash and a couple of warm up washes

Lovely in Pink
Arches Rough 300gsm 28.5cm x 38cm
With one of the real roses from her vase in my left hand for inspiration and shapes
I created this finished piece which Jean really liked.

After the workshop we travelled a few hundred kilometres down the coast to a town called Robe. It was to be a rest and relaxation time but within 24 hours I had my workshop gear out of the boot and ready for painting. I did some "en plein air" and whilst I enjoyed trying I did not produce anything worth showing. My lovely sable brushes blew off into the sand so I gave up and went back to the shelter of our caravan and painted this cockerel starting with the eye and working outwards from there.
Wearing Red
Arches Rough 300gsm 38cm x 28.5cm


  1. What a wonderful workshop experience for you Lorraine! Jean's style just suit you, and it must have been neat to meet her. I love the pieces you painted. Robe looks like a pretty spot!

  2. Am not surprised Jean loved your work.... your exercises look wonderful!! Good tip about the indigo too, haven't heard that one. I am so pleased you enjoyed and got such a lot out of the experience. Jean is inspirational and I can never wait to put things into practice when I have been on a workshop or seen her demonstrate... great that you have had the opportunity to finally see her...

  3. Beautiful experience, your roses and rooster have gorgeous color and washes! I love seeing the exercises from the workshop, thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. What an interesting post. Thank you for sharing. Feels like I was at the workshop with you. You accomplished some beautiful work there and you now have more 'strings to your bow'.

  5. Great post Lorraine! I just love Jean Haine's work too..Thanks for sharing !

  6. A beautiful workshop by a painter I know for her books.
    I see you've made many very well done watercolors , the rooster came absolutely gorgeous as what is on the cover of the book by J Haines. Good Master to skilled student wonderful as you.Congratulations!!!

  7. No wonder you are excited dear Lorraine, such a privilege to have a Master like this to teach you . The trick with some blu into the indigo is very good , it IS true that the indigo dries up dull. Your works are all lovely and very inspired !

  8. I love Jean Haines. Lucky you to have attended her workshop and pick up some of her pearls. It looks like you have been well inspired!

  9. Looks like this was right up your alley! You created some lovely things and all are loose and watercolor-y.

  10. Really interesting to hear how Jean runs her workshops. I use indigo and I do find it flat sometimes so I will try this. Thanks for the tip. Glad you enjoyed it. Your work looks beautiful especially the cockerel.

  11. Dear Lorraine - your loose paintings are beautiful. I admire Jean Haines' work - her style is just lovely and loose. Looks like you enjoyed the time spent and thanks for the tip about Ultramarine blue. Always can learn something new. Hope you are having a lovely day. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sounds like you really enjoyed the workshop...and nice results. I love seeing you out "en plein air" and I'm sorry your brushes didn't cooperate. They do like to hop out of your hand and into the sand..or grass...or rocks. lol Thanks for sharing your time away.

  13. Such a wonderful post Lorraine! What a great experience for you to attend the workshop. I LOVE all your paintings and the cockerel is particularly stunning!
    Good on you for trying en plein air - I hope to get out with my acrylics one of these days but it feels quite daunting!

  14. Dear Lorraine, I absolutely loved meeting you and I'm thrilled you enjoyed my workshop. Your cockerel is absolutely fantastic! Thank you to everyone for your really kind comments about my art. I'm a true watercolour addict, and nothing makes me happier than when I'm either working in of sharing my love of this magical medium. Happy painting and always be inspired! Jean xx


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