Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Big New Challenge - Join In

Well as the year end is drawing in and I reflect on all that I have achieved in my art journey this year I wondered what 2015 might have in store.
I am happy to announce that "one big new challenge" is starting on January 1st when I join 6 other "washing girls" each from a different country to present a new blog "Wash a Week Challenge". I invite fellow watercolourists  and those wishing to know more about painting in watercolour to check it out and consider joining in. We will be sharing our experiments and learnt lessons each week for one year. Olivia Quintin (France) will be adding a monthly challenge for everyone to participate in if they wish. It should be a lot of fun and will become a thorough resource for watercolour.

The 7 Washing Girls are:
Olivia Quintin - France
Christy Lemp - USA
Isabella Kramer - Germany
Jane Minter - Italy
Lorraine Brown - Australia
Lori Bentley - South Africa
Vandy Massey - England

This week I set up (with the help of my wonderful husband Ian) two exhibitions which run during December and January. With these commitments out of the way I have the freedom now to just play and learn something new and this latest challenge was just that. Human eyes, porcelain skin, added intrigue, hot press paper and NO pencil drawing first. Not perfect but good lessons learnt. 


  1. Congratulations on your exhibitions, Lorraine! And very very good luck with the Wash a Week challenge, I am looking forward to see the 'washing girls' at work!

  2. Oh dear I thought it was to do more washing!!! Will have a look though. Good luck with your exhibitions and I love this mysterious lady.

  3. How exciting Lorraine. 100 Washes was a huge inspiration for me so I'm really looking forward to following all the current washing ladies' watery adventures. Good Luck with it and have fun. Your oriental lady looks fab.

  4. It will be fun to see the washing girls, can't wait! Your portrait is beautiful, I love how you left part of her face out of focus. I missed your Polar bear below, he is gorgeous as well, I always love seeing your animal paintings. Congratulations on your exhibition, enjoyed seeing the photos!!

  5. Your Geisha girl is lovely. I too will check in with the Washing Girls and try to do each week's challenge. Thanks!

  6. Hanging exhibitions is always exhausting. Good luck with both of yours. I will be following along on the new blog to see what you ladies are "washing." Lovely job on this piece...great skin tones! Enjoy!

  7. Wishing you good luck with this new challenge! Your little china girl is great , spot on I would say !

  8. Dear Lorraine - this does sound like a wonderful challenge. Will be looking forward to hearing more. Love your China girl. She is certainly beautiful. Have a super day.

  9. Wow, interesting sounding wasking challenge! And I love the feeling in your portrait.

  10. Good luck with your exhibition Lorraine! I really love the direction you have been taking with your lovely loose and simplified style. Your "Watching for Mum" is SUPERB! The challenge for 2015 sounds great will watch with interest.

  11. I love the simple yet strong design in this one, Lorraine. The zigzag angle is powerful next to the lost area.
    and the red sings out and zaps my senses!
    Your Wash a Week challenge sounds like it will be fun to follow.

  12. Washing girls - what a great concept! Have a great exhibition, and have fun with the challenge, too.

  13. A very busy December dear Lorraine! I wish you well-deserved success.
    The style of the portrait is very expressive, a beautiful synthesis of signs and colors.
    A good initiative the new group blog that will be nice to follow.
    Have a great week, Rita.


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