Thursday, 29 January 2015

Connection, it Shows

How many times have we heard it - a connection is a must to be able to create a work where the viewer can see that the artist has had a joy and emotional connection whilst painting. How evident this is for me these past few days. I have mentioned before that I don't paint Cats because I have no connection or joy with them due to an incredible fear of them. I also told myself that I would try and overcome this by painting them. Well after a couple of tries I quickly discarded each as Ok but hide in the drawer results. Thing is they are no harder to paint than a dog, cow or chicken but when your heart is not in it it becomes a chore and a bore. This week Isabella Kramer (one of the Washing Girl Artists) shared a photo of her cat on facebook and it had all the makings of a good painting with its lights, darks and nice composition. I asked her if I could use it to paint and she said "yes lets both do it". Well I easily made a couple of pencil marks to get the eyes and nose in the right spot and then started to add paint. Within 5 minutes I wanted to scribble all over it or tear it up. It lays unfinished staring at me just like a real cat would, saying I'm sure - I win, I win all the time!
Different story now with painting a dog. This is Bella, a Maltese/Shnauzer(I think) cross who has a funny little underhang bite. She has brought such delight to my friends who recently adopted her as she is only 7 but her owner had to go into full time care and could no longer keep her. They have only ever had large breeds of dogs all their lives but have quickly found out how a little dog can easily make the rules, just like my poodle Rosie does in our house.

Watercolour 38cm x 28.5cm
Arches Rough 300gsm paper


  1. Ah Lorraine - you are so right about the connection thing and Bella certainly looks beautiful because I can see how much you love her. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

  2. Well, this one is a charmer. Such a cute face! You did a really good job with her, Lorraine. :)

  3. You've painted the sweetness in Bella, Lorraine. She's a lucky dog. I guess cats just aren't your thing!

  4. Dear Lorraine your Bella is well done portrait of a lovely little dog full of character !!! I see that you have particular connection with the painting of animals, so it seems strange not to be able to do cat!
    Maybe the photo was nice, but not your point of view, to be able to paint.
    To me also as the subjects are positioned in the image,creates different connection ,so my results can be very different.
    You are right, sacred words, it is true that all painters paint better what makes vibrate their heart.

  5. Great point Lorraine, I see the love you put into your subjects. This is a beautiful painting of little Bella!

  6. This came our really nice!!! How funny that you just can't bring yourself to draw cats. But I guess we all have things that we don't like. Good for you that you gave it a try.

  7. I totally get how you can relate more to dogs than cats, Lorraine. I feel the same way. Dogs are just more...human! Nicely done - the emotion comes through.

  8. The colors are beautiful and I love that little funny underbite , came out very well ! I used to be a dog person ( still am ) , but since my son got a cat I found out that cats are so adorable too :-)

  9. Bella is so cute. Lovely to see which colours you use to enhance her white coat.

  10. This is such a gorgeous painting, I want to snuggle Bella immediately !!

    ... and PLEASE!!! don't give up Lorraine with the painting of Coralie ... I'm sure you got her soul. Do you need some more photos from her for your inspiration? Please contact me !!

    warm hugs and happy painting.


  11. Love the painting and enjoyed the story too.
    I admire the way you handled the white fur - beautiful!


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