Monday, 20 April 2015

Blog Break

I am heading to London at the end of the week, traveling with my sister Debbie to visit our lovely Aunties. I am not going to be painting, sketching or doing social media. I look back on all that I have done so far this year and know why my body is telling me - time for a holiday.
I have scheduled posts to the Wash a Week Challenge blog so that I do not have the pressure of catching up when I return. I start a new watercolour course on May 19 and have all that prepped too as I know I will have some jet lag after the long haul flight home (26 hours).
Whilst I am not going to be physically painting on my holiday I am looking forward to catching up for chatting with Laura Moore who was one of the very first artists I met on the internet and also Vandy Massey so I can personally deliver some new little paintings I am donating for her charity project - Care for Casualties. These little 6" x 4 " works are matted and sell for just 15 pounds sterling so if any take your fancy be sure to look for them on the Running With Brushes website. They should be available sometime in the next three weeks.(and surprise, surprise, there is a cat among them, for those of you who don't know I have a big fear of cats so I don't paint them.)
Thank you so much dear blogging friends and followers of my art , having you with me on the journey of creating means so much.
Till next time, happy painting, happy living
Best regards


  1. Enjoy a wonderful trip. I would love to meet Laura too.
    I adore these marvelous little friends... brilliant.

  2. Wow Lorraine, exciting stuff! I love your small pieces. Wonderful kitty! Visiting with Laura and Vandy will be so much fun. Have a terrific trip!

  3. Have joyful days in UK with family and friends,
    Congratulation for your lovely gallery.
    See you soon. Hugs,Rita

  4. Have a wonderful time on your holiday! Enjoy your time with Laura and Vandy. It is always such fun to meet with internet friends.

  5. Really looking forward to a real life chat Lorraine after all these years. Say hi to Vandy for me. A lovely lady I met briefly a couple of years ago and someone who still inspires me greatly as you do too. Anyway safe trip over and chat to you soon.

  6. Wishing you a great stay in London, how wonderful to meet up with blogger buddies !

  7. Have a great trip - London is such a great city.

  8. Hope you have a very good time Lorraine! Everyone needs a break now and then, and this holiday will recharge your batteries, no doubt. Good luck with your sweet little paintings! :)

  9. Dear Lorraine - rest up friend and enjoy the break. I know when you return you will be refreshed and ready to get out those brushed again. In the meantime have a wonderful time with your sister. Hugs!


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