Saturday, 12 December 2015

Winding Down

I love it when family and friends time get in the way of painting time, without these interruptions I would be 24/7 in my studio.
I have a very busy start with exhibitions from January 1st so with all commitments met for these, my time now is without any pressure so I can splash around as much as I like without a thought of making a painting.
Many times this type of play results in a fresh understated painting that may never have happened with over planning and hours of painting. I think this little riverscape fits that scenario perfectly. Using a limited palette of three colours: Indigo, Bloodstone Genuine and Raw Sienna and no more than 2 hours painting start to finish.
I avoid riverscapes and landscapes, I am yet to find my style in capturing beautiful scenes where I think I have added something of me, my head tells me it is just that I don't do enough but my heart still avoids them. Maybe this will be my 2016 challenge.

Last Flight Home
56cm x 33xm Unframed size
on 425gsm Saunders Waterford CP Paper


  1. Lovely loosness to the sky and the water. Playing sometimes gets some great results!!

  2. Painting without any pressures gives amazing results. This one proves it Fabulous.

  3. Beautiful Lorraine! What an amazing sky...wish I had watched you paint it!

  4. I avoid them too Lorraine!! And they have been on my to do list for the past 2 years at least. I am making a bit of progress with them and the odd one turns out just like this one here... my nemesis used to be trees but have a handle on those now, so like you really need to crack landscapes and seascapes need to ignore our hearts and let the heads rule this one!!

  5. We need to play with the paint too that´s true. Nothing feels better when painting as when we feel the flow and just let us be swept away by it. I have made my own favourite paintings that way. But a lot of terrible ones too! haha
    One thing that I find difficult is to blend the sunset nicely in to the sky. So that is on my to do list.
    Love the dramatic sky on this one!

  6. A gorgeous piece Lorraine , beautiful colors in the sky , everything looks so effortless. The title makes me a bit sad, but that's probably just me .

  7. So beautiful, Lorraine. I really love the way you painted this, and painting with abandon, like you did, results in some spectacular effects!

  8. You have achieved a very serene and calming atmosphere Lorraine. Who says you can't do landscapes? Have you been looking at the same landscape paintings of yours as I have over the years??? Sometimes we definitely are too hard on ourselves.


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