Saturday, 2 April 2016

Making a New Start

I am a firm believer in art being a learnt skill and pleasing results comes from a consistent studio work ethic. The past two weeks I have spent so very little time in my studio one might say its my mojo missing but it really is the interruption to my disciplined studio life. My birthday mid March started the break in routine. Being a milestone age the celebrations lasted over about ten days. Then came Easter where our children and grandchildren come to stay with us requiring me to do lots of cooking, chatting and of course chasing after the three adorable gran kids all under 4 years old. By the time Easter was over it took me a few days to recover and there it is the studio has been idle for too long.

I have works in three exhibitions currently and am absolutely thrilled to see my watercolours being chosen to hang in homes near and far, so,  lots of reason to get my brushes moving again.

I have had two days this past week to make a new start and boy it has been a slow one. I am easing back in with lots of playing and hopefully this will result in some new interesting work soon.

For now I will show you the last two works finished before Easter.

We Worship the Sun
Unframed size 56cm x 43cm
Saunders Waterford 425gsm Hot Press Paper

A Savanna Trio
Unframed size 76cm x 56cm (full sheet)
Saunders Waterford 425gsm Hot Press


  1. What wonderful pieces Lorraine. Seems I have a soft spot for sunflowers, and elephants too! You've had some special days lately.

  2. Hi Lorraine. Glad you had a good break. I totally agree with you about art being a learnt skill. Though I do also think art has to be within us to want to dedicate that much time to it. You know how much I admire your dedication, you also know I could not put the hours in that you do despite me having had a huge passion for art since a child. Perhaps it all boils down to temperament and personality too and what we want from life. You have found your true calling and it shows loud and clear in your wonderful art. It is always a pleasure to share your success with you. xx

  3. Lovely works! I really do love the soft colours of the elephantpainting. Well we all need a break now and then, as long as it isn´t for too long so that were loosing skills.

  4. Well, I find this is a wonderful start to your new work s schedule Lorraine! Specially love your amazing elephants!

  5. Always glad to see your brushes moving, Lorraine. These two are just wonderful.

  6. Dear Lorraine first both paintings are lovely. Two completely different subjects both done beautifully. As for getting back into a routine I know you will be back hard at work in your studio creating many more wonderful art. Have a super day. Hugs!

  7. Lovely paintings. It is hard to get back into a routine when you have a break for a while. Glad to see you back in the studio.

  8. Loved the sunflowers but then saw the three elephants and I felt excitement at seeing something so well done. I love the mix of the loose background with such beautiful renderings of elephants.
    Good to be back - obviously. Lucky us!


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