Monday, 24 October 2016

Tweaks and Remakes

I am revisiting earlier works, some from two years back, some from two weeks ago. Paintings that I have liked at the time so they have been stored away but have never made it to the framing stage. It isn't possible to frame everything but when a work doesn't get considered I know it has not yet shown me everything it can. This is when I have nothing to loose but to push it further.
Some require just a little tweak others a bit of a bigger remake. This results in some going in the bin because the extra painting didn't work out but a lesson or two is always learnt first. Happy to say this one will go onto the framing stage.

A Touch of Paradise
Unframed size 76cm x 56cm
October 2016

November 2015


  1. Fantastic Lorraine, I am learning a lot from your works.

    1. Thanks Hani Hani, its great sharing our experiments

  2. Such a surprising and beautiful re-work. Love it Lorraine.

  3. Great tweak! Very stunning Lorraine. So glad you shared.

  4. What a nice re-work Lorraine! Just what the piece needed. I tend to cut mine way down when I look again and am not able to save.


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