Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Wine District

Just played and created my latest abstract. I have already framed it and have it on the studio wall as I love its bright colourful look.
Playing with abstracts in watercolour is very time consuming but lots of fun as there is no fixed result in mind. I often find bits of other media to add bringing it to a finished work. This time I used some silver leaf (not real silver), that I purchased whilst in Italy last year and a silver web spray. To ensure its bright longevity I spray a mat spray varnish over those areas.
My solo show where I released my first abstracts finishes this weekend but the fabulous feed back (and sales) I have received gives me confidence that abstracts in watercolour are worth the play.
Try it!

The Wine District
56cm x 38cm on Saunders Waterford Cold Press 425gsm

Framed size 75cm x 57cm


  1. Beautiful Lorraine! Not sure I'm brave enough to try it. ;-)

  2. Gorgeous Lorraine...the colors are amazing and it keeps my eye busy moving about. Hope you will be doing more of these. Have a great weekend.

  3. Nice colors and movement! Glad your show went well.


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