The Title Matters to Me

I am in a "paint blooms"phase. Flowers are beautiful subjects, so varied and allows me to play with lots of colour variety.
The Iris is one flower I have hardly painted so when seeing images of a dark skirted iris I was attracted to its beautiful colours and its fantastic name. For me the painting title is important as it runs through my head right through the painting process and really helps me connect with my chosen subject and how I wish to create my work from it. I normally have the titled locked in right from the first brush stroke.This one was simple as the Iris name was perfect "Romantic Evening".

My Process: 
Day 1

  • Once inspired by my subject I like to use several reference images to give me shape and colour. I choose some colours and do a little combination colour test strip.
  • After working out a pleasing composition I started with using light pencil marks to show me where to leave some untouched paper for the light blooms. 
  • A background wash is done first, dropping in varied colours from my chosen palette of Prussian Blue, Transparent Orange, Winsor Red Deep, Green Gold, Winsor Violet, Opera Rose and Lavender
  • Adding buds and starting the flowers


Day 2

  • Working between the blooms and adding more colour to my now dry background

Day 3

This painting was completed over three days - not something I usually have the patience for but for this work it was required as I took my time over the decisions of each step. When I left it on my easel overnight at the end of day 2 I had signed it which meant I considered it finished. However with fresh eyes this morning and an hours tweaking it's done

Romantic Evenings
on Saunders Waterford 425gsm Cold Press Paper
Unframed size 56cm x 38cm


  1. Such a beautiful flower portrait Lorraine. I love to see the step by step process. Great 3 D effect !!

  2. WOW! The darks in this are just luscious!!

  3. Beautiful Lorraine! Your "title first" method works well for you!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Lorraine and the title certainly fits the painting. Love it. Have a great weekend.

  5. Beautiful! The colors really sing!


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